Please enjoy the Virtual Tour!

On January 30th, 2019  in the bitter cold, the Yogaville community celebrated the power of the sun, as Hari Barker (former Yogaville CFO) cut the ribbon on the new solar energy system at the LOTUS. After triumphant applause, the hardy attendees relocated to the backside of the LOTUS where Siva Moore (Yogaville Executive Director) completed the celebration with a dramatic flipping of the switch, transferring power from the new system to the LOTUS.

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Pictured from left to right are: Snehan Desachy, Swami Dayananda, Siva Moore, Hari Barker, Madeleine Ray (representing Sigora Solar, LOTUS project partner), Harry Bryant (Buckingham County supervisor), and Jeeva Abbate. This solar field will power the LOTUS and the two fountains in front of it.