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Interfaith Resources Listings



  • LOTUS Light Of Truth Universal Shrine
    (Integral Yoga Publications)
  • A Vision of Peace: The Interfaith Teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda
    by Rev. Kumari De Sachy (Integral Yoga Publications 2014
  • Many Paths, One God: Summaries of World Religions
    by J.P. Vaswani (Gita Publishing House) [email protected]
  • Welcome to the Wisdom of the World and its Meaning for You
    by Joan Chittister (universal spiritual insights from the religious traditions)
  • The World’s Religions
    by Huston Smith–interfaith classic (first published in 1958) Harper One
  • Interfaith Books by Karen Armstrong–renowned interfaith scholar and author:
    A History of God: 4,000 Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam
    The Battle for God: Fundamentalism in Judaism, Christianity and Islam
    The Great Transformation: The Beginning of Our Religious Traditions
    The Case for God: What Religion Really Means
    Twelve Steps for a Compassionate Life
  • The Interfaith Alternative
    by Steven Greenbaum (New Society Publishers 2013)
  • Source Book of the World Religions: An interfaith Guide to Religion and Spirituality, edited by Joel Beversluis (New World Library 2011)
  • Beyond Tolerance: Searching for Interfaith Understanding in America
    by Gustav Niebuhr (Viking 2008)
  • Toward a True Kinship of Faiths: How the World’s Religions Can Come Together
    by the Dalai Lama XIV (Harmony 2010)
  • God’s Facebook: Creating a Friendship of Civilization
    by Najmus Saquib
  • How to Be a Perfect Stranger: A Guide to Etiquette in Other People’s Religious Ceremonies
    by Stuart Matlins, J. Magida, Arthur J. Magida
  • Interfaith Worship and Prayer:
    edited by Christopher Lewis (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2019)
  • Life Prayers from Around the World
    edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon (Harper San Francisco)
  • Prayers for Healing
    edited by Maggie Oman (Conari Press, 1997)
  • The Coming Interspiritual Age
    by Kurt Johnson and David Ord (Namaste Publishing Company, 2102)


  • Many Paths, One Truth: The 1977 Yoga Ecumenical Service
    (Integral Yoga Media)
  • With One Voice: Awaken to the Reality that Unites Us All
    compiled by Matthew Flickstein, includes coverage of LOTUS (Forest Way Productions 2009)
  • Beyond Our Differences:
    Tapestry of distinct voices and viewpoints regarding spirituality, woven with one universal expression of hope
    (PBS Home Video 2009 Entropy Films)
  • Three Faiths, One God: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
    (Auteur Productions) www.threefaithsonegod.com
  • Empires – Great Religions: People and Passions That Changed the World
    (PBS 4-part set)
    Television documentary series on OWN network, Oprah Winfrey
    I Am:
    Life Affirming Film by Tom Shadyac
  • In Search of the Great Song
    by Michael Stillwater (A Song Without Borders Production)


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