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Prayers for Health and Healing


O Waters, give us health, bestow on us
Vigor and strength, so shall we see enjoyment.
Rain down your dewy treasures o’er our path.
Like loving mothers, pour on us your blessing,
Make us partakers of your sacred essence.
We come to you for cleansing from all guilt,
Cause us to be productive, make us prosper.

~ Rig-Veda X.9


May those whose lives are gripped in the palm of suffering
open even now to the Wonder of Life. May they let go of
the hurt and Meet the True Self beyond pain, the Uncarved
Block that is our joyous Unity with Holiness.

May they discover through pain and torment the strength
to live with grace and humor.
May they discover through doubt and anguish the strength
to live with dignity,
Providing the living with sustenance, with loving-kindness,
Bringing the dead to life with great mercies,
Supporting the fallen,
Healing the sick,
Releasing the captive,
And keeping faith with those asleep in the dust.
Who is like You, Master of mighty acts
And who compares to You,
King Who causes death and restores life
And causes salvation to sprout?
And You are faithful to bring the dead to life.
Blessed are You, Lord Who brings the dead to life.

~ Traditional prayer from the Jewish daily liturgy


Even if a myriad of illnesses occur,
The Kandakara, the kami treasure, will be a well-spring of calm,
Putting behind any illness or unease; make still and hold fast my spirit;
I vibrate my center with the treasure of renewal as
I chant the mystical words given by the kami.

~ Shinto Norito



Follow diligently the Way in your own heart,
but make no display of it to the world.
Keep behind, and you shall be put in front;
keep out, and you shall be kept in.
He that humbles himself shall be preserved entire.
He that bends shall be made straight.
He that is empty shall be filled.
He that is worn out shall be renewed.

~ Lao-Tzu


I am of the nature to grow old.
There is no way to escape growing old.

I am of the nature to have ill-health.
There is no way to escape having ill-health.

I am of the nature to die.
There is no way to escape death.

All that is dear to me and everyone I love
Are of the nature to change.
There is no way to escape being separated from them.

My actions are my only true belongings.
I cannot escape the consequences of my actions.
My actions are the ground on which I stand.

~ The Buddha


Take my hand, Precious Lord,
Lead me on, let me stand.
I am tired, I am weak, I am worn.
Through the storm, through the night, lead me on to the light.
Take my hand, Precious Lord, lead me home.

When my way grows drear, Precious Lord, linger near
When my life is almost gone.
Hear my cry, hear my call, hold my hand lest I fall.
Take my hand, Precious Lord, lead me home.

When the darkness appears and the night draws near
And the day is past and gone,
At the river I stand,
Guide my feet, hold my hand.
Take my hand, Precious Lord, lead me home.

~ Thomas A. Dorsey


Beloved Lord, Almighty God!
Through the rays of the sun,
Through the waves of the air,
Through the All-pervading Life in space,
Purify and revivify me, and, I pray,
Heal my body, heart, and soul. Amen

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan, Sufi master


Meditation on God is the medicine to cure millions of illnesses.
My Tantra and Mantra is to meditate on God.
Illnesses and pains are dispelled by meditating on Him.
The fruits of the mind’s desires are fulfilled.
He is the cause of causes, the all-powerful merciful Lord.
Contemplating on Him is the greatest of all treasures.

~ Guru Granth Sahib


African Faiths

I have no other helper than you, no other father, I pray to you.
Only you can help me. My present misery is too great.
Despair grips me, and I am at my wit’s end.
O Lord, Creator, Ruler of the World, Father.
I thank you that you have brought me through.

How strong the pain was—but you were stronger.
How deep the fall was—but you were even deeper.
How dark the night was—but you were the noonday sun in it.
You are our father, our mother, our brother, and our friend.

~ Ghana

Native American Faiths

Grandfather, look at our brokenness.
We know that in all creation only the human family
has strayed from the Sacred Way.

We know that we are the ones who are divided
And we are the ones who must come back together
to walk in the Sacred Way.

Grandfather, Sacred One, teach us love, compassion,
and honor that we may heal the earth and heal each other.

~ Ojibway prayer

Other Known Faiths: Spiritual

Dear God,
Please awaken me from this dream.
I fear and I choose not to,
I suffer and I choose not to.
I claim for myself Your resurrection within me,
my perfect health, my perfect healing, my perfect Self
in whom there is no pain or fear.
Every cell of my being is radiant with my love for You.
May my earthly self align with this,
May my human heart stop beating so wildly.
May I remember, dear God, that I live in Your mind
and I belong in Your arms.

For there I am healed, and there I am whole.
You are my divine physician.
You know my terror, although it is not real.
You understand my pain, although it is not understandable.
You answer with Your spirit.
Dear Lord, please heal me.
I surrender this as I surrender all things.
I trust in You in this and all things.
I need You, Lord, in this and all things.
Please, dear God. Amen.

~ Marianne Williamson

Unknown Faiths: Secular

In spite of everything, I still believe that people are
really good at heart.

I simply can’t build up my hopes on a foundation
consisting of confusion, misery, and death.
I see the world gradually being turned into a wilderness.
I hear the ever-approaching thunder, which will destroy us, too.
I can feel the suffering of millions, and yet, I look up
into the heavens;
I think that it will all come right, that this cruelty will end,
and that peace and tranquility will return again.
In the meantime, I must uphold my ideals,
for perhaps the time will come when I shall be able
to carry them out.

~ Anne Frank