A high-pressure gas pipeline threatens LOTUS

 The LOTUS Center for All Faiths, the Ashram, and the surrounding Yogaville community face a serious concern. Get the latest news and information  about what you can do to help from this page, http://yogaville.org/yes.

The James River next to Yogaville for 1.5 miles, site of the LOTUS in central Virginia.
The James River next to Yogaville for 1.5 miles, site of the LOTUS in central Virginia.

A high-pressure natural gas pipeline to transport fracked gas from West Virginia to North Carolina is planned by Dominion Resources to cut across our county, Buckingham. The current plan shows that a powerful compressor station will be built within five miles of LOTUS and the Ashram.

We are very concerned that if the pipeline proposal is approved, then the natural environment (rivers, streams, ground-water, soil, air, and wildlife habitats), the health and safety of those living in the area, and the lifestyle, service, and mission of the Ashram will be seriously compromised because of possible air and water pollution, and pollution from noise. We are concerned that such a pipeline and its huge compressor will diminish the Ashram’s ability, as the International Headquarters of Integral Yoga and the home of the Light Of Truth Universal Shrine (LOTUS), to continue serving the thousands of guests, friends and sangha members who come here every year from around the world seeking a healthy, safe, and peaceful sanctuary in which to further their education, personal healing, and spiritual growth.


To continue your support for LOTUS, the Ashram and its service, please join us in sending a letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). The letter may be sent via email (eComment, eLetter) or by USPS. Please see the sample letter below and the list of concerns attached, from which you may select one or two points to emphasize in your letter. Sending a copy of your letter to your national representatives and state senators would also be helpful.

As ever, we are grateful for your love, support, and valuable service, not only in writing a letter, but also in praying for a positive outcome to this important issue. With our best wishes and prayers for your continued health, peace and prosperity. Om Shanti,

SAMPLE LETTER FORMAT for eLetter or hard copy letter:


RE: Docket number PF 15-6: “Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline – Dominion/Duke Energy in Buckingham County, VA.

Kimberly Bose, Secretary
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
888 First Street, NE
Washington DC, 20426

Dear Secretary Bose,

I am______________ (your service, profession, and association with Sri Gurudev and the Ashram.)

I am writing to express my concerns about the proposed ACP project that is to run near LOTUS and Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville in Buckingham, VA.

(Please write why you care about the Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville and the continuation of its services. You can also add here a few items from the list of concerns below.)

Thank you for listening to my concerns and filing them with the official record for the Atlantic Coast Natural Gas Pipeline Dominion/Duke Energy.”


Name, address and contact information you wish to share

Please go to FERC website to send eComment (6000 words or less) or eLetter.    www.ferc.gov (Click on “Documents and Filing”)

If hard copy letter: Put “Attention:” and the docket number and project name in the lower left corner of the envelope.

Please see friendsofbuckingham.com and friendsofnelson.com for more information.

Thank you.

Our Concerns About Dominion’s Proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline 


There are three compressor stations on the proposed 550-mile pipeline and one of them is slated to be within five miles from Yogaville—an area where hundreds of people reside and approximately 10,000 come annually. It will be very large: 31,515 HP situated on a 75-acre lot. It will run 24/7/365. Our concerns are:

  •  Air pollution that comes from blowdowns (venting) that release toxic chemicals used to process the gas and methane into the atmosphere. Noxious fumes, increased poisoning levels, and huge amounts of contaminants have been reported at compressor sites, including cancer-causing elements.
  • Noise, both audible and low frequency, that has been documented as causing vibro-acoustic disease, resulting in brain aneurysms, seizures, nervous system disorders, heart disease, and ruptured eardrums.
  • Reports from people living near compressor stations who have experienced health-related problems.
  • Negative effect on the trees and the vegetation within 15 miles of compressor stations. Our organic farm may not be able to grow vegetables for the Ashram.
  • Possible leaks and explosions and the safety of all our residents and guests. Buckingham County has extremely limited emergency rescue and fire response services, especially in our area.

For research documentations on compressor station hazards, please visit:



  • Explosions resulting in loss of life, homes, and businesses, all of which are well documented. The city of Appomatox, about 40 miles away from Yogaville, had a pipeline explosion in 2008, demolishing two houses and injuring five people.
  • Damage to our woodlands, waterways, and green spaces, leaving a visual scar across our rural landscape.
  • Leaks and release of toxins from the pipeline that cause health hazards from contamination of soil, air, and water. Our drinking water resource will be affected.
  • Decrease in property values near the pipeline
  • Negative effect on the economic growth of the Ashram and Yogaville. It is very likely that there will be a significant reduction in the number of guests, as well as the slowing down of housing development in Yogaville community.

Please check www.friendsofbuckingham.com and www.friendsofnelson.com for more information.